Press: Last Christmas

Extra EXTRA! Check it out! The Torontoist, The Globe and Mail, MyCityLives - all publications that have shown me love! The video I produced for Choir!Choir!Choir! spread like Christmas Cheer when it was unleashed on Vimeo. The Torontoist covered it as one of the great things happening in our city the week it came out! MyCityLives also quickly followed suit. The stills of Belinda Stronach were on the COVER OF THE GLOBE AND MAIL! They were taken from an interview I shot for the Globe, on a philanthropy series. Finally, the Freedom Clothing Collective featured me in their blog! Love this shop - so many great Toronto treasures. And the wrap dress I tried on has definitely found a special place in my heart and in my wardrobe ;)

ChoirChoirChoir - 'Last Christmas' music video

The 2011 Christmas season brought much sharing of my Choir video.
With love from the Torontoist, My City Lives, and BlogTO, the video reached over 3,500 views in just a couple weeks!

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